Is it better to have a leftist family over a conservative family?

I remember growing up and some of my friends would screw their faces up whilst saying “My parents are such strict conservatives. I hate it.” I would rub their back, feeling sadness for them, relieved my own parents were very much leftist liberals. Things have changed since then and my opinions on the left and the leftist parent have very much changed based on traumatic events I have experienced.

My parents did the right thing, they taught me everyone has the right to live their life as they please. Such truth. They would add that no one should discriminate against another and we shouldn’t judge. I would imagine with having a child like myself with a health condition which holds a lot of stigma, that would especially hold true for them. However, what I notice ever increasingly with lefties, is that actually they are extremely judgemental. One leftie will openly mock homosexuals to me, whilst being protective over Muslims. That leftie objects to Islamophobia but clearly displays signs of homophobia. Another example is when I was warned not to date men of single mothers, or date men from social housing. But of course, these people weren’t being discriminatory, nor were they showing any prejudice **cough cough, splutter splutter**.

This of course is displayed well beyond my own circle. The newspapers display such hypocrisy as do celebrities and mainstream media outlets. The mainstream media is notoriously bad for this. They will slap wrists when Prince Harry, a Royal role model to many wore a Swastika armband two weeks before Holocaust Memorial Day. When the gamer PewDiePie wore a military uniform in a video, the uniform not that of Nazi’s, he was ostracized by the mainstream media, the media insisting companies remove their advertising not only from PewDiePie, but from many YouTube creators who didn’t think alike and follow their mainstream narrative. In contrast, the media made little in the way of reporting Bill Maher saying the “N” word on his show. He just like Prince Harry, he received a slap on the wrists and kept his job and his income.

This is what leads me to believe leftists and their hypocritical methods are more classist than they care to admit. But besides such hypocrisy this of course has an effect which is not fully recognised. Having grown up in a middleclass home, I suspect my parents were ultimately teaching me the “correct trail of thoughts” to be a proper leftist to fit into middleclass society. I doubt they ever expected their daughter to be living in poverty in social housing. The very same social housing they had warned me to steer clear of back in the day. I learned very early as a child that those people-poor people were to be pitied but avoided. And by avoiding us, we are being disrespected. Poor people, or those not part of the “middle-class clique” should be disrespected. What’s more I learned that the disrespect is a private undertone. Just be sure to make a big noise about how much you care, gasp with horror when appropriate. Even after the BBC had been found to be covering reports of paedophilia and child abuse by Jimmy Savile, the media and the middleclass just breezed over it. It doesn’t affect them directly, just be sure to make some noise but continue as before. The noise of course helps disguise the true disgust you hold for people different, less relevant to yourselves.

I couldn’t believe it when my parents and the media argued “but this is what happened in those days.”  Are they trying to argue that it was normal for celebrities to rape little children and not face a prison sentence? I think what really astonished me was that my parents continued to pay the BBC a license fee. How on earth people can take the moral high ground but still pay such a corporation is just beyond me. So, ask yourselves, when you see such contrasting methods for people of the “clique” towards those not within the clique, is it any wonder I avoided reporting a rape committed by an immigrant on myself? After all, I’m one of the poorest in society. I’m white so therefore it could be likely I’m just a racist. My parents followed and continue to follow mainstream media as if it is the height of wisdom. But those within the media don’t live like I do amongst immigrants and the poorest in society. Neither does my family. In no way, shape or form are they able to provide wisdom and advice to the likes of myself. “Oh, you must interact with these people. It could be perceived as racism/snooty if you didn’t.”

I naively took the advice forgetting that even though I was once raised in a middleclass area, life now is completely different. I can still see my parents struggle to understand what the difference is between my life and theirs. I acted on their middleclass/media driven advice and interacted with the immigrant. I spoke to him briefly and then left. I did not expect that brief exchange of words to ignite into what happened next. He followed me home, forced his way into my home and he raped me.

I have chosen not to speak to my liberal, leftie parents about what happened. I just know they would be so disappointed if I ‘came out’ as being raped… by an immigrant. And that is what is important here. So many, too many people excused the behaviour of Jimmy Savile and the BBC. I can’t sit there telling someone what was done to be and have them fob the hurt and pain I feel off with an excuse…because he was an immigrant. People have also been indoctrinated to expect such evil actions from a white man, oh I know there are some evil white men. Lefties can hate a white man for doing this to their daughter. They can’t with an immigrant. Too many people excused the mass rapes in Cologne. Too many people throw their hands around when Rotherham is brought up stating “but that’s not ALL Pakistani Muslims.” Did you know that the guidelines rape charities provide with helping rape victims overcome their trauma is to not blame the victim and not excuse the rapist? Oh, but #notallmuslims.

So as a conclusion, I guess leftie parents build themselves up to be far more caring than the right, far more approachable when really, their words, disapproval, hypocrisy, name calling is just as deterring as a conservative parent can probably be. We need liberals but let’s get rid of the virtue signalling, fear mongering, name calling left because you really don’t understand it down here at the bottom.


Have you had similar experiences with lefty parents?


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