My journey for justice

Thank you for looking at this blog. I set this blog up having been the victim of a rape and finding my way through the upset. I have dealt with what has happened, but the ever changing political climate (for which added to my delay in reporting the crime) has been the primary effect on me recently. With the hard left certifying racism for any criticism towards minority races I have found myself leaving the left for feeling guilt that I am angry for the rape I suffered at the hands of an immigrant.

None of my family know what happened or about this battle I face. They are very leftist and protective of races. I’m scared they will defend the rapist. It would upset me massively so I would rather not disclose the trauma to them. I have found relief in the ‘right’ where I believe there is a similar concern and recognition of my own concerns and experience. Personally I don’t see these people as right but rather liberals. This is my journey through the political labelling and name calling as I deal with my hurt, rejection, anger and frustration.


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